Welcome to WORD-ROULETTE ®

  • A refreshing change from tiles, cards or dice as word games.
  • Fast paced, interactive with three levels to conquer.
  • It’s simple to Learn and Exciting Play.

“You’re the ‘BOSS’ when it’s your turn to spin!”

LAUGHTER… is the result when everyone Creates a Fun “Crazy Phrase”
with their words and reads it Out Loud …for a Good Laugh!
You can earn Vote TOKENS for a Surprise ending to WIN!

Faster than Scrabble, a bit like Bingo, as creative as Picasso!

Imagine the FUN of having your own WORD-ROULETTE…Game Night.

Family board games are in popularity.

Games are affordable and last for years. They bring families & friends back together for fun & entertainment. WORD-ROULETTE is a Brain Builder.

Keep the tradition and benefits alive. Give the WORD-ROULETTE Game today and share your love.

Made in America – Not sold in stores.

$34.95 + $10.00 S/H
(USA excluding AK & HI)

To Purchase:
Contact Tony at tony@minglegame.com
or use the form on the Contact Us page.

Let’s Mingle!…It’s Word-Roulette ®

Word-Roulette is an exciting word game for two or more players, even Classroom Groups. A unique and fun way for the whole family or competitive players to practice


With each Spin…of the Word-Wheel, four balls select eight or more random letters and their point values. The Spinner ‘Calls Out’ the letters for all players to actively seek out the Hidden Words for the Highest Score… before the Time Runs Out! Each player has a W O R D   S H E E T to write down their letters, build words and create a “CRAZY PHRASE” for Bonus points.

All Players…get the chance to be the “Spinner” in each round. The Spinner hopes a ball lands on the LUCKY LADDER, the WILD KEY or rolls the BONUS CUBE for extra Score Words. Players “Mingle” as they read off and compare their word list.

As your Skills Progress… so does the LEVEL of Word Play. Adding options will increase the Fun and Competition. CROSS WORD-ROULETTE™ is a second Game included in the set. Players work on a WORD-GRID, to build words, Across & Down.

Surprise & Fun ending… Players can earn Votes & TOKENS for the “Best Presentation” of their Crazy Phrase, Fun Sentence, or Rhyme created from their WORDS …and their IMAGINATION!

WORD-ROULETTE ® … Good Entertainment with Lasting Benefits.

Play the online version for FREE and get a taste of how the
Word-Roulette Game is Played.

Click here to Play Now and Join the Fun!


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