Mingle WORD-ROULETTE History

Word-Roulette was created by my mother Rose, in a small hay & cattle community (Silver Lake) near Bend Oregon. We made a prototype and played the Game together as mother and son in our home. She passed away from breast cancer before I had the chance to make the Game, perfect it and sell it.

I honor Her ideals and efforts with the Rose symbol. It is truly an American Dream… modeling perseverance and determination to achieve a family goal. The legacy has motivated me to share Word-Roulette with you. Enjoy the Game with your family and friends, just as we did in our home.

I Sincerely Thank You for your purchase and support!

Famlee Fun Games LLC
Enjoy a wonderful feature story below, published by the Bend Bulletin in the Central Oregon New Home Living Magazine, August 7, 2010.


Download a printable copy of this article

Download a printable copy of this article

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