Here’s what folks are saying about Word-Roulette!

  • My friends just got me this game for Christmas. This game is wonderful! Lots of silliness! It’s a very creative word game. Kerry L.
  • I purchased your WORD-ROULETTE GAME at the Game Storm convention a couple months ago and loved it! My mother’s birthday is in one week and I want to give one for her birthday. Sharan L.
  • My mother picked up your game for us at Christmas time and we have enjoyed playing it with our 10 and 13 year olds, letting them score the easier kids version while we (the adults) score a bit harder. Really brings the game to an enjoyable level for all. I mentioned it to my youngest 4th grade teacher and she thinks it would be great for the class to play. I failed though on following through on taking it in this year for her. Maybe next school year. Regards, Jared L
  • What a great game…I am very impressed! Somehow You’ve got to get this game out so others can see how cool it is! I’ll go to Facebook and see if I can attach this to my fb to “spread the WORD!” Good Luck! Lois
  • Thanks for sending me the printable story of your game. I printed it out to include it when I give it to my daughter at Christmas. I will let you know how she/we all like it. Janis M.
  • Hello Tony! I wanted to let you know that I played WORD-ROULETTE with my own children and husband as soon as we got home from the recent gift & craft fair in Bend!
  • It was an instant hit and we have played it many times since. It is a great game for before bed, waiting for dinner, wet Sundays and Saturday after soccer! I also took it into work and the students and staff in the Academic Support Center LOVED playing the game too! We added to the competition by having a game of “Last words standing” where the kids crossed off their words if others had them… and got points for having words others did not have!I I loved the educational value of this game as soon as I saw it but had not realized how readily the students would engage in playing it! It is a great hit with the children I taught in Ashland and I would certainly recommend it to anyone for the enjoyment factor, educational reinforcement and value for money. If you can laugh when you are learning it has to be a good thing! If you can play and not realize it is educational that is even better! This game deserves to do well! Karen H.
  • Good Day Tony, Thank you for the info and story. You’ve got a great thing going and we wish you much success. The game is a Christmas present and we are looking forward to playing it on Christmas day.  Bonnie and Peter
  • Hi Tony,  I saw you demonstrating your game at the Fair.  Took your flyer and went online to check it out.Wow!  Great job, great game!  That is so cool that you got on the Jay Leno Show, and you won first place at the inventors convention.  Our family and friends do family game night once a week. I would like to order your WORD-ROULETTE game and make it a surprise gift for the family! Loved the story how your mom came up with the idea. And love it that it is made in the USA!  Congrats!!  Jenifer G.  ps. You should get on that TV Show called Shark Tank.
  • The game is a great help to my grandchildren, ages 13 and 15, and my son, who has always enjoyed games of this type plays with his family too.  He and his wife also play with their adult friends as  social  entertainment after dinner. Best wishes as you pursue your venture. Margaret W.
  • Hi Tony, I saw your game in the Sky Mall Magazine! Congratulations and continued success to you on your product. I’m happy that all your hard work and efforts are paying off. Best regards, Andrea E.
  • Hi Tony – I finally got around to contacting you and sending my praise for a job well done! I’m so proud of you! Keep going! The web site rocks. It’s easy to manipulate, the product is clear, I love the video! Great job! Hugs, Donna
  • Hi Tony, I too live in Bend and I would like to purchase a copy of your great game! I love how and why you and your Mother invented Word-Roulette, and plan to share the story and game with my family and friends. Thank you, Lori V.
  • “I work with “differently abled” adults and they love the challenge and stimulation of the “Mingle” word roulette game. This game has helped our participants learn how to spell words correctly and to think outside the box as they attempt to arrange letters into meaningful words. Great game, Great teaching tool!!! Vonnie W.

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